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If your presence doesn’t make an impact, then your absence won’t make a difference.

As a leader, do you use the 5 Essential Engagement Elements?

  • Memorable motivation

  • Empowering story telling

  • Enticing emotional delivery

  • Supportive driving content

  • Vulnerability

Great leaders are great learners, always be looking for opportunities to grow!

Great Leaders…

Great leaders are great learners! We proudly support and develop leadership training in presence and communication for business owners, executives, fundraising, start ups, non-profits, business development, government agencies, sales and science teams, and venture capital.

Mission Statement:

We don’t train our leaders and executives to be rain makers we train our leaders and executives to make it rain, driving emotional storms through the hearts and minds of their audiences. Our clients are literally changing the face of the traditional “Bored Room.”

Driven By Our Values

Authenticity – Brings integrity and transparency to communication.

Education – Transcending tools and knowledge that sticks and elevates.

Service – The deeds that lead to greatness and going the extra mile.

FUN – Be memorable! If you are not having fun, neither are your audiences.

Courage – Freedom of fear with nothing to hide draws fast, deep connection.


Guiding leaders and executives to creatively and powerfully inspire, with unique and authentic communication towards deeper connection with their audiences.

 Happy Success Stories From the People We Serve