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Jessica Sears 

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Coach - Leadership Consultant - Speaker @BOLD_LLC & Account Executive at The Select Group

I got the opportunity and honor to hear Stephanie speak at a weekend-long High Performance Summit in North Carolina. Not only did she flawlessly overcome adversity during her speech, her genuine and vulnerable personality won me over immediately. Immediately after she started her presentation, a technical glitch erased her entire slide deck, she went on effortlessly without a stumble and was able to provide quick-witted comedic content and high performance lessons about how to engage an audience, how to create focus, how to tell a great story, how to create an elevator pitch, and how to communicate not only with emotion but with brilliance and spunk. She definitely captivated the room with her passion and I would highly recommend her material. As a fellow Leadership Consultant, Speaker, and Coach for Bold LLC, she taught me some amazing lessons in confidence and vulnerability from the first 5 minutes of interacting with her. I would love to be a fly on the wall in any “Bored Room” she gets her hands on. Stephanie was present for my first speech ever, without knowing me at all, and with no questions asked, she befriended me and calmed my nerves before my speech. Thank you Stephanie, for being unapologetic ally yourself in every way and for staying true to your passion for development, training, and coaching. I am so glad our paths crossed and I look forward to following your continued inevitable success.

Justin Gabriel Quoroz 

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Franchisee Support Specialist | Renaissance Executive Forums

I had the pleasure of being in attendance while Stephanie delivered an excellent discourse on how to engage an audience. Needless to say, the content and delivery was excellent and there are few more qualified to deliver that material than her. The second Stephanie walked on stage at our annual international executive meeting, filled with CEO’s she immediately captured the attention of everyone in the audience with her natural delivery and friendly demeanor. The entirety of her presentation was executed in a way that triggered that elusive natural reaction that makes the audience genuinely WANT to listen, learn, and apply. I would highly recommend reaching out to Stephanie for any sort of a speaking engagement that would be focused on forging a deeper connection with people.

Nicole Cox


Chief Recruitment Officer | Engage2Excel

I've had the pleasure of seeing Stephanie in a variety of venues including comedian, master of ceremonies, professional roundtables, coaching and executive producer of TEDx. My experience each and every time is that she is passionate about what she does and about the people she serves. Stephanie has a deep professional expertise. Her high energy and rightly placed humor keep her audiences (big and small) engaged and interested. Her ability to leverage storytelling and help others to do the same is key in public speaking. I recommend Stephanie without pause for coaching, training, speaking and for any event where these skills may be needed.