Success Stories

Happy Success Stories From the People We Serve



greg gosch

President and CEO at ChromaCode, Inc.

Stephanie worked with our small team on a critical investor pitch. We pitched successfully before, but she elevated our game. She observed, video taped and coached. Our message required us to distill a complex technical story down to a crisp and enticing presentation. There were three of us with very different styles. Stephanie was able to draw the best out of each of us. She also helped us mold the content of the presentation which improved the clarity and, as she emphasizes, the positive "feeling." She helped us create a more engaging message and improve our presentation skills. We gained confidence in our pitch and successfully raised a second round of funding in April. I would absolutely work with her again and would recommend her for anyone looking elevate their pitch.



alex dickinson

Board of Directors at PRA Health Sciences and Quantapore Inc

The first time I worked with Stephanie I was an executive at a fortune 500 company and I had the opportunity to do a TEDx talk, Stephanie gave me great training for that and the result was extremely effective. Infact my CEO saw the talk and was kind of blown away buy it and gave me a lot of opportunities to communicate for the company, both in terms of talking to investors, talking to senators and talking to congress. That TEDx Talk and training really change my career trajectory at the time. The second time I worked with Stephanie we were fundraising for a Life Sciences start up and there were 3 executives on the team. I had Stephanie come in because I thought our presentation was pretty disordered, ragged and lacking in confidence. She really tuned us up and we went out and raised an excess of our 10 million dollar goal, so I am thrilled with the results of working with Stephanie.


Candice Yorke Directorof TalentManagement.jpg

Candice M. Yorke, Ph.D. 

Director, Talent Management at Hyundai Capital America

Stephanie is a dynamic and effective presentation skills coach. I’ve observed her provide individualized coaching as well as facilitate group presentation skills training. She has a full grasp of her material, coaches with empathy, provides detailed feedback, and helps participants journey from self-doubt to confidence.



Ian Miller

Vice President of Operations at Pairwise Plants

Stephanie provided our team with great insights into increasing emotional impact and engagement. Most extraordinary was her ability to quickly build rapport with the team and get us to step outside ourselves and see how our talk was being perceived, rather than how we wanted it to be perceived. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make more impactful presentations.



Sumita Batra

CEO of Ziba Beauty, Author & Speaker

Stephanie Paul is an experienced coach and a powerful trainer. She is also an exceptional speaker and is committed to the success of her clients. She brings her background as an actress and a comedienne, writer and production for both on camera and the speakers stage. I have partnered with Stephanie to build the delivery of my story and communicate it effectively and with humor. She was patient, and guided me with tips and tricks. I've referred her as a keynote and a coach to many friends and they've loved working with her. I highly recommend that you hire her and see the results for yourself!


Ryan Carlton VPWEllsFargo.jpg

Ryan Carlton

Vice President and Strategy Consultant  - Wells Fargo

Stephanie worked with a group of us for over a month. Not only was she was an absolute pleasure to work with, she helped us deliver speech performances that blew away our expectations. Stephanie had a unique way of finding hidden talents in each of us on the team and pulled those out so that we all delivered in a way that fit our own personal styles. I cannot recommend her highly enough, but EVERY company should work with her in order to help executives be more engaging and "relate-able" to employees. It would be an honor to work with her again in the future!



David Delgado

Visual Strategist NASA/JPL

Stephanie Paul is a skilled and thoughtful connection coach. She brings her experience from the entertainment industry Stand Up, Acting, Directing and Production in film and television to help you understand a full range of communication skills -through words, movement and posture. Elevating your engagement and deepening your connection with the audience. I really enjoyed working with her and hope to again some day.



chris white

Chief Executive Officer of the Americas at Signify (Formerly Philips Lighting)

I thought I was pretty good on stage until I worked with Stephanie preparing for a nerve wracking TEDx talk. Not only did she get me mentally prepared but the tips she brings from combining theater, public speaking and the business world are truly impactful. Her tact and candor really get to the route of what you can improve on and make a serious impact. Such essential skills needed for all serious leaders. Congrats and thank you Stephanie.